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Board of Directors

Past Commodores & Life Members


Eildon Boat Club

Our Life Members

Life membership is an honour bestowed upon an individual Club member whose exceptional, loyal and outstanding contributions has provided a measurable benefit to EBC over an extended period of time. 

It is the highest recognition that can be awarded to one of our members and serves as a fitting acknowledgement of their exceptional service and contribution. 

Life Member Honour Roll

Mr IF Carolan*
Mr A.J Crutchley*
Mr K Pretty*
Mr R Faulds*
Mr HC Sleigh*
Mr J Nash*
Mr SJ Harper*
Mr JH Ballis*
Mr P Whitechurch*
Mr S Campi
Mr R Spooner
Mr G Fuller
Mr H Jolson QC*
Mr W Marchiori*
Mr J Fautley
Mr C Smith
Mr J Horton
Mr L Sparke
Mr G Davis

* Denotes Deceased

Our Club has it's own Life Member Marina thanks to the generous donations of our Members! Just another example of the spirit of generosity that exists at Eildon Boat Club.

Our Board of Directors

2024 Board of Directors (Back Row L-R; Lindsay Barber, Wayne Van Kesteren, Brad Attard, Shane Jacobson, Robert McGeary. Seated L-R; Robert Keogh, David Kelleher, Michael Willson)
Vice Commodore
Rear Commodore

The EBC Board is made up of eight members, with an Executive that consists of three Flag Officers, the Commodore, Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore.  Steeped in Naval tradition a flag officer is traditionally a commissioned officer in a nation’s armed forces senior enough to be entitled to fly a flag to mark the position from which the officer exercises command.   

For Boat Clubs such as the EBC the generic title of flag officer is used to denote those who hold the rank of Rear Commodore (or Admiral) and above, also called “flag ranks”.  

David Kelleher


David is our new Commodore, taking over the helm from Lindsay Barber at our 2023 AGM!

David began his association with Eildon around 1983 when his father bought a houseboat and has been visiting Lake Eildon ever since. 

David, his wife Nikki and two children Ashton and Bailee are enthusiastic members and visit the lake regularly.

David is the Director of his company Blinds in Mind which is a well-established Melbourne sun blind company. 

David accepted his invitation to join the board in July 2017. David held the position of Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore previously and also held Land & On Water Assets Portfolio’s as well as Social and Events.

Michael Willson

VICE COMMODORE (& Past Commodore)

Michael joined the Eildon Boat Club as a Family linked member as the son of Henry (former Commodore). He became a full member in 2005 when he built his first Houseboat.  

Michael is an experienced Director and owner of Eastern Plant Hire (EPH) and he was invited to join the Board of directors in 2010.

Michael was the Club’s Commodore in 2016 and 2017 and recently took up the mantel once again as a Flag Officer becoming the Vice Commodore at our AGM in 2023.

He has held several portfolios during his time on the Board including Governance, Memberships, and previously spent the majority of his time working on assets and operational portfolios. Michael brings to the Boardroom a great understanding of the history of the Eildon Boat Club, particularly from an operational

Rob Keogh


Rob Keogh joined the Board in September 2022 taking over the role of Hon. Treasurer from Joseph Goodall who retired from the Board.  Rob became Rear Commodore at our 2023 AGM.

In 2015, during a search for a ski area close to Melbourne Rob and his family discovered Lake Eildon and quickly realised that a houseboat and membership with EBC was the perfect way to enjoy the beauty that the lake and environs had to offer.

Rob studied Farm Management and Accountancy which led to a rewarding and varied career that included working at the Rural Finance Commission and Price Waterhouse. In 1994 he became Financial Controller for Wm Loud (Aust.), a civil construction and sports surfacing company where he eventually became a shareholder in 2005 until the business was sold in 2017. 

During his time with Wm. Loud they rebuilt and surfaced all the courts for the Australian Open Tennis Tournament from 2007 through to 2019. 

Rob brings to the Board strong and practical business expertise and vast experience gained throughout a 30 year career in finance.

Shane Jacobson


Shane’s association with lake Eildon started over 30 years ago through waterskiing. With Justine, his wife, and their 3 children, the lake has become one of their favourite get away spots. As a local property owner, Shane also brings a township perspective to the Board.

Shane is a Senior Partner at PKF Accounting and heads up the Business Advisory division. With over 25 years experience advising clients through the various stages of business. From start up, to growth phase and eventual succession, Shane’s business acumen is a welcomed addition to the Board of EBC.

Having recently joined the Board and taken on the Governance Portfolio and the role as Hon Secretary. Shane will look to continue Tim Mepstead’s great work and enhance the governance of our club (Tim retired from the Board in 2023).

Wayne Van Kesteren


Wayne was formally appointed at the February Board Meeting and before that, as part of due process, Wayne attended Board meetings in the months prior in the capacity of Observer.

Wayne has been coming to the Lake since he was a child, enjoying water sports with his family well into his teen years. He then came back to the Lake as an adult, accompanied by his wife Lisa and their children Mitch and Courtney.  Wayne and his family have been passionate members of club for 18 years, his son Mitch and fiancée Ellie also recently became full members themselves and purchased their first houseboat!

Wayne is an accomplished industry awarded builder with 38 years’ experience in the trade and holds a diploma in Building and Construction Management. He has also lead transition projects for Porter Davis homes and now runs his own building development company in addition to conducting site management for volume builds.

Wayne has served on numerous primary and secondary educational Boards and Committees over the years and enjoyed the challenge and reward that went with such roles.  His passion for the club, professional experience, and his enthusiasm for giving back, will all serve as valuable contributions in his new role as a Director with EBC.

Brad Attard


Owner and Director of DTE Electrical Services. Brad has been visiting Lake Eildon since he was a young child spending many holidays on the Lake with his family.  

In 2010, his parents, Godfrey & Jakki bought the houseboat, “Illusive” and joined EBC.  

Since that time, Brad has spent nearly all his holidays and free time at Eildon, gaining many friends, attending numerous social events and even meeting his current partner Brooke on the lake three years ago.  

Brad became involved in the club’s operations five years ago when he provided electrical maintenance for the Club and joined the Social Committee about 4 years ago.

As a younger full member of EBC, Brad is keen to work towards improving engagement with the younger members of our Club.  

Through his position on the Board he wants to have a larger impact on the Club and its future.

Rob McGeary


Rob began his association with the Club in 1972 (aged 4) when his parents bought their first houseboat. 

He has been connected with the lake ever since, and has introduced his wife and three sons to the lake and EBC, and all now share his passion.  

He and his family have owned three boats in his time on the lake. The most recent being R&R which launched in 2012, and was extended to 60’ in 2017.

Rob accepted the invitation to join the Board in 2013 and served as Club Commodore in 2020 & 2021.  

An experienced company Director since 1993, he is now a director of a number of privately owned Australian Travel Companies, the most recognised being APT Touring and Cruising. 

Rob brings a strong commercial sense, sound governance practices and an underlying drive for constant improvements focusing on maximising Member benefits.

Lindsay Barber


Lindsay began his association with the Club in 2008 along with his wife Debbie and 5 children when they bought their first houseboat “Electric Blue”. They are all avid EBC members and share a joint passion for the Lake and EBC.

He and his family have owned three boats in their time on the lake, the most recent being “Amethyst” launched in 2019 and before that “Eze’’ formally “Knockout” which was originally launched in 2012, and then re-furbished in 2016, and purchased by fellow EBC Member Brad Horwood.

Lindsay accepted the invitation to join the Board in 2016 and is the club’s immediate past Commodore, handing over the helm to his Vice Commodore David Kelleher at our 2023. AGM. 

A company Director since 2006, he is now an Executive Director of an ASX listed public company “Johns Lyng Group” as well as being a Director in a number of privately owned companies including “Club Home Response” and “Retail Prodigy Group.”

Lindsay brings a strong commercial sense, along with an operational and strategic skill set honed over many years in the Construction Industry. He initially commenced with a Civil Engineering Degree, complemented with sound corporate governance and audit practices and an underlying drive for continuous improvement especially in the area of Work Place Health and Safety, while all the time looking to ensure we maintain our attention and outcomes to delivering a first class EBC member experience.

Eildon Boat Club

Past Commodores

We have a long list of Past Commodores who have helped shape our Club and into what it is today!

Ever since our founding members constituted the Eildon Boat Club back in 1950 we have had a Commodore at the helm.  We extend to all our Past Commodores a big thank you for all their contributions and years of service to EBC.

Past Commodore Flag

Past Commodores hand their flags over to the incoming Commodore at the end of their 2 year term, and then, in kind, they are presented with a flag (shown above) that is representative of their service and the position that they held on the Board.

Commodore Honour Roll

1950 ~ Mr S. Rosan*
1951 ~ Mr S. Rosan*
1952 ~ Mr S. Rosan*
1953 ~ Mr JF Summers*
1954 ~ Mr DE Farrow*
1955 ~ Mr KC White*
1956 ~ Mr KC White*
1957 ~ Mr KC White*
1958 ~ Mr WL Hayanga*
1959 ~ Mr WL Hayanga*
1960 ~ Dr ART Greenwood*
1961 ~ Mr KC White*
1962 ~ Mr KC White*
1963 ~ Mr CH Mumme*
1964 ~ Mr CH Mumme*
1965 ~ Mr EH Lawson*
1966 ~ Mr DS Pizer*
1967 ~ Mr IF Carolan*
1968 ~ Mr IF Carolan*
1969 ~ Mr J Middleton*
1970 ~ Mr J Middleton*
1971 ~ Mr AJ Crutchley*
1972 ~ Mr AJ Crutchley*
1973 ~ Mr IF Carolan*
1974 ~ Mr IF Carolan*
1975 ~ Mr RP Kelsall
1976 ~ Mr RP Kelsall
1977 ~ Mr A Dewez*
1978 ~ Mr A Dewez*
1979 ~ Mr D Walker*
1980 ~ Mr SJ Harper*
1981 ~ Mr SJ Harper*
1982 ~ Mr I Hipworth
1983 ~ Mr I Hipworth
1984 ~ Mr HC Sleigh*
1985 ~ Mr HC Sleigh*
1986 ~ Mr J Ballis*
1987 ~ Mr J Ballis*
1988 ~ Mr R Fraulds*
1989 ~ Mr R Fraulds*

1990 ~ Mr A Davis Commodore Elect*
1990 ~ Mr P Whitechurch*
1991 ~ Mr P Whitechurch*
1992 ~ Mr G Fuller
1993 ~ Mr G Fuller
1994 ~ Mr W Marchiori*
1995 ~ Mr W Marchiori*
1996 ~ Mr H Jolson QC*
1997 ~ Mr H Jolson QC*
1998 ~ Mr S Campi
1999 ~ Mr S Campi
2000 ~ Mr H Willson*
2001 ~ Mr H Willson*
2002 ~ Mr MF Reidy
2003 ~ Mr MF Reidy
2004 ~ Mr R Quince
2005 ~ Mr R Quince
2006 ~ Mr A Foster
2007 ~ Mr A Foster
2008 ~ Mr I Bremner
2009 ~ Mr I Bremner
2010 ~ Mr A Hynes
2011 ~ Mr A Hynes
2012 ~ Mr J Fautley
2013 ~ Mr J Fautley
2014 ~ Mr R Davey
2015 ~ Mr R Davey
2016 ~ Mr M Willson
2017 ~ Mr M Willson
2018 ~ Mr C Dwyer
2019 ~ Mr C Dwyer
2020 ~ Mr R McGeary
2021 ~ Mr R McGeary
2022 ~ Mr L Barber
2023 ~ Mr L Barber
2024 ~ Mr D Kelleher

* Denotes Deceased