Cameron has been a member of the Eildon Boat Club since 2006 and joined the EBC Board in 2013.  His first portfolio was Social followed by Membership and then Honorary Secretary for 18 months.

Cameron is currently serving as the Club’s Commodore with the priorities of:

Promoting good Board governance and process.

Serving the membership in the best interest of all members.

Providing families with an environment away from the many anti-social paths available to children today.

Getting that ‘Club atmosphere’ back and Providing strong camaraderie and culture amongst members.



Vice Commodore Treasurer

Rob began his association with the Club in 1972 (aged 4) when his parents bought their first houseboat.  He has been connected with the lake ever since, and has introduced his wife and three sons to the lake and EBC, and all now share his passion.  He and his family have owned three boats in his time on the lake.  The most recent being R&R which launched in 2012, and was extended to 60’ in 2017. 

Rob accepted the invitation to join the Board in 2013.

An experienced company Director since 1993, he is now a director of a number of privately owned Australian Travel Companies, the most recognised being APT Touring and Cruising.  He has previously served on several UK based and also multi ownership travel companies, and charity Boards.  Rob brings a strong commercial sense, sales and marketing inclination, sound governance practices and an underlying drive for constant improvements, while focusing on maximising benefits for the end user – the EBC Member.



Rear Commodore Off Water operations

Lindsay began his association with the Club in 2008 along with his wife Debbie and 5 children when they bought their first houseboat “Electric Blue”.  They are all avid lake and EBC members and all share a joint passion for the Lake and EBC.  He and his family have only owned two boats in their time on the lake, to date.  The most recent being “Eze’’ formally “Knockout” which was originally launched in 2012, and then re-furbished in 2016.  Lindsay accepted the invitation to join the Board in 2016.

A company Director since 2006, he is now an Executive Director of an ASX listed public company “Johns Lyng Group” as well as being a Director in a number of privately owned companies including “Club Home Response” and “Retail Prodigy Group.”  Lindsay brings a strong commercial sense, along with an operational and strategic skill set honed over many years in the Construction Industry.  He initially commenced with a Civil Engineering Degree, complemented with sound corporate governance and audit practices and an underlying drive for continuous improvement especially in the area of Work Place Health and Safety, while all the time looking to ensure we maintain our attention and outcomes to delivering a first class EBC member experience.




Membership & Communications

Paul discovered Lake Eildon in 1990. House boating became his on water passion hiring houseboats from Peppin Point.  In 2000, they bought a share in their first Houseboat at Jerusalem Creek and their association with the Eildon Boat Club began when he bought their second boat at the Club in 2004.  Fast Forward to 2012 and he made the decision to build a new boat.  In February 2013, with family and friends they launched their Houseboat Imagine, named after John Lennon’s classic song. 

Paul is very fortunate to have a family that shares his passion.  His wife Kathy loves the lake (and the new boat) and the lifestyle and friendship it offers.  Their son John and his wife Ruby, grandchildren Harry and Aria, daughter Belinda and her partner Dan also love everything the lake has to offer and they join Paul and Kathy whenever their work commitments allow. 

The Membership and Communications Portfolios  allow Paul to connect with members, introduce new members and at the same time keep all members up to date with current information and future planning.




Social & Events

David began his association with Eildon around 1983 when his father bought a houseboat and has been visiting lake Eildon ever since.  David has now owned two houseboats on lake Eildon with the most recent being ‘Toy Kingdom’ previously known as ‘Last Resort’.  David, his wife Nikki and two children Ashton and Bailee are enthusiastic members and visit the lake regularly. 

David is the director of his company Blinds in Mind which is a well-established Melbourne sun blind company.  David accepted his invitation to join the board in July 2017. 

David’s portfolio is aimed at organising events for the EBC members. He plans to bring a welcoming family atmosphere to EBC with a wide range of social activities to suit all age groups of EBC members and their families as well as providing general governance.



Secretary Legal

Tim joined the Board in 2017 taking on the Legal and Policy portfolio.  A month later he also took on the Honorary Secretary role.

Apart from a camping trip at Jerusalem Creek aged 7 Tim didn’t discover Eildon again until he was doing first year law in the 1970s when he enjoyed a week’s fishing on a cabin cruiser moored on a swing mooring at the Boat Club.

In the mid 90’s he started hiring houseboats from Peppin Point and became hooked on houseboats. 

In 2001 he, his wife Bronwyn and family started looking in earnest for their first houseboat.  Easter 2002 saw them purchase their first houseboat Dunaff Head at Jerusalem Creek.  It was an easy purchase as Bronwyn was in Sydney where their son Emmett was competing in the national kayak races.  In June 2006 they joined Eildon Boat Club.  Easter 2008 saw a need for a boat upgrade and along came ‘Esprit’.  Then too, eventually came the GFC and they were privileged to own two houseboats for four years. 

The family love what houseboats offer, and they enjoy the lifestyle immensely.  Their son Gareth and wife Coby, Travis and his wife Jess, Emmett and his wife Shaina (who met on the lake as Shaina’s Dad then owned ‘Under Seige’), their daughter Adele and their 10 grandchildren aged 7 and under join them on the lake whenever possible.

Tim is the Principal of Mepstead Lawyers established in Melbourne in 1985 and now operating in Pakenham and Yarra Junction.  Tim has been actively involved on committees since his days as a first-year law student.



Immediate Past Commodore

Michael joined the Eildon Boat Club as a Family linked member as the son of Henry (former Commodore).  He became a full member in 2005 when he built his first Houseboat.  Michael was invited to join the Board of directors in 2010. 

He has held several portfolios during his time on the Board including Policy and Legal and Membership, but the majority of his time has been working on assets and operational portfolios.  Michael brings to the Boardroom a great understanding of the history of the Eildon Boat Club, particularly from an operational level.



General Manager


1950 – Mr S. Rosan*

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Mr IF Carolan*

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