Eildon Boat Club is the largest inland boating club in Australia. The club was constituted in 1950, with its roots originating in the early 1920's when fishing became popular in the area that now is Lake Eildon.

In the 1920's and through to 1950, fishermen formed camps, firstly on the river, then on the banks of the original lake which was completed in 1927. From these people came the original 25 founding members who negotiated with the State Rivers & Water Supply Commission (renamed in 1984 Rural Water Commission Charter - to Goulburn-Murray Water Authority) to form the Club.

With the assistance of the State Rivers and Water Supply Commission the club was granted a lease in what is now named Anderson Harbour (after the Club's founding secretary) on the enlarged lake.

The State Rivers & Water Supply Commission helped clear the Harbour and built the infrastructure of roads, car parks, toilets and other facilities. It was through a rent set with the State Rivers & Water Supply Commission that they were recompensed for their assistance. The members, through numerous working-bees, burnt the trees felled by the State Rivers & Water Supply Commission, constructed a slipway, workshop, toolshed in 1988, caretakers house, and laid the moorings.

The boats in the Club, through the 1950's, were cruisers. In the early 1960's came the first houseboat, which changed the Clubs needs. Marinas were built to accommodate the houseboats.

A club house was built in 1967 and since that time the facilities of the Club have never stopped improving, through the hard work of its members. The new Clubhouse was opened in December 1998 and offers the members a facility of the highest standard and caters for up to 350 members. A varying menu and excellent wine list complement the building, ensuring our members and guests enjoy the relaxing atmosphere provided by our friendly staff.

We have over 500 full members, 150 social members, 145 family-linked members, 9 life members, combined with 428 marina berths and 189 dry storage sheds, various infrastructure buildings comprising clubhouse, residential houses, service workshops and slipway sheds.

The Club is primarily for promotion of watersports through boating incorporating skiing, wakeboarding, fishing and junior sailing programmes.




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